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How to take your FSO in a capsule

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

There are many reasons to prefer taking your cannabis oil dose in a capsule.

It's odorless, easy, & quick to do! Like any edible that's been infused with properly decarboxylated cannabis oil or butter, it maintains the entire range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids so you experience an optimized entourage effect. For patients seeking cannabis suppositories, using an FSO in a capsule suppository puts you in control of your dose. A FSO capsule will give you extended relief, so it's a great way to stay medicated after you've left home and need discrete relief.

What capsule to buy:

There are a few different options, we recommend going with a gelatin capsule as it breaks down faster, but you can try a vegetable-based capsule as well. These can be found easily at a natural grocery store or health food store.

Here are some very simple steps for making both oral & suppository FSO capsules:

Oral Capsule capsule

2.dose FSO into one half of empty capsule

3.spoon coconut oil to fill the capsule

4.take orally & wait 4 hours

Suppository Capsule: 

1. open capsule

2. dose FSO into one half of empty capsule

3. spoon coconut oil to fill the capsule

4. coat the capsule with coconut oil prior to insertion

5. insert as a vaginal or rectal suppository 


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