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cannabis is medicine. food is medicine. both should be grown to heal people & the planet​


Our story begins with 0ur co-founders, Terry Sardinas & Manny Alvarez.  As third-generation farmers and first-generation Americans, Manny & Terry found profound inspiration in California's burgeoning cannabis medicine movement. In 2011, they made the pivotal decision to relocate from Florida to Northern California, graduated from Oaksterdam University and began immersing themselves in the expertise of cultivators and leaders in wellness.


Guided by a vision to advance regenerative practices and pioneer the production of healing FSO cannabis medicine,

Manny & Terry established Bird Valley Organics in 2013.

Today, Bird Valley Organics proudly operates as a Hügelkultur farm nestled within the serene Santa Cruz Mountains. We specialize in crafting a meticulously curated line of whole plant full spectrum oils, dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals across California.


Terry and Manny

it's our promise to you

it's our commitment to the planet

it's our daily reminder of why we do what we do 

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embrace community as family:

our community is made up of our customers, retail partners, collaborators, & our neighbors. when our community thrives, we thrive. when our community is in need, we give. our brand is rooted in the best interests of our family.

look locally first:

we feed our roots while reaching towards the sun. we examine every growth opportunity for chances to deploy our success, hiring local vendors, partnering with local businesses, and highlighting our
Santa Cruz community.

grow regeneratively:

at Bird Valley, regenerative is more than a description of our permaculture, it describes how we grow as a company & engage in the community. everything we do feeds our ecosystem, leaving abundance instead of scarcity.

Embracing Sustainability:

as part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, we've developed eco-friendly packaging to minimize our carbon footprint. Crafted from biodegradable materials, our FSO box is 100%  compostable and embodies our values of sustainability. it also aligns with our mission to prioritize the well-being of our customers and the planet. 

Bird Valley Organics is a regenerative hügelkultur farm
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we're on a mission to help people & our planet feel better by practicing regenerative agriculture & producing whole plant medicine

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