our whole plant full spectrum oils are made from the cleanest possible, highest quality cannabis, regeneratively grown by Bird Valley Organics and our Santa Cruz County, CA neighbor farms

with our line of four unique cannabis oils, you can find exactly what you need to feel better

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full spectrum oils

full spectrum oils are cannabis extracts created to maintain the healing profile of the whole plant

with the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients in tact, full spectrum oils provide the most powerful healing outcomes for your wellbeing

our full spectrum oils are easy to use, you can eat your dose directly, cook or bake it into your meals, or take it in a capsule


easy to use cannabis medicine

full spectrum relief

while each of our whole plant full spectrum oils are great for pain, inflammation, and anxiety, we recommend making your selection based on your experience with cannabis medicine, circumstances of use, and unique health goals

mood enhancement

subtle psychoactivity

helps with locomotion & movement

muscle pain

helps with recovery

after exertion

great for topical use

see what's in

Body Relief

relief without the high

great for new cannabis patients, older patients, & sensitive patients

energizing relief

great for daytime use

helps with tremors

no munchies

need help choosing the right full spectrum oil​ for you?

we're here to help! click here to contact our team

how to use your

full spectrum oil

cannabis medicine

1. start with a peppercorn sized-dose

2. dispense your dose: eat it directly, mix it in your food, take it in a capsule, dab it, or mix it with a lotion for topical use

3. wait 2 hours before redosing

eat it, dab it, rub it in

whether you prefer edibles, smoking, or are looking for topical care, whole plant full spectrum oils are easy to use

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