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Bird Valley Organics Wins at the 2021 Emerald Cup

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

This Year’s Emerald Cup Winners Are Proving Regenerative Cannabis Feels Better Bird Valley Organics Wins this year’s CBD Concentrates Category with Two Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oils

Santa Cruz, CA: At this year’s Emerald Cup, Santa Cruz’s own Bird Valley Organics (BVO) was awarded for not just one but two of their whole plant full spectrum oils. BVO’s Cremedy produced in partnership with fellow Santa Cruz cannabis brand Créme de Canna won first place in the CBD concentrates category with their High CBD taking second place. The annual Awards Show, referred to fondly as the ‘Oscars’ of cannabis is known for shining a light on the best products the cannabis industry has to offer and this year’s virtual event was no different.

“We’re so proud to see Cremedy & High CBD recognized with this honor,” says Terry Sardinas, Founder and CEO at Bird Valley Organics, “As a growing regenerative cannabis farm, this is truly a dream come true. While we know these full spectrum oils already help heal so many people throughout California, this award will help us reach even more folx looking for high-quality, clean cannabis medicine.”

Bird Valley Organics isn’t just any cannabis farm. These regenerative ‘purists’ rely on an ancient cultivation technique known as hügelkultur to grow nutrient rich cannabis and vegetables. On a mission to evidence the commercial advantages of regenerative practices, BVO’s cannabis products are among the cleanest and most potent in the industry.

Both Cremedy and High CBD are created with a goal to maintain the phytonutrient profile of the plant, uniquely preserving as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible throughout the production process. With a 4 CBD : 1 THC ratio, Cremedy’s whole plant profile offers consumers an uplifting experience while addressing a wide range of ailments from Crohn’s Disease to locomotion issues.

Conversely, High CBD was created as an entry-level cannabis product for older consumers and people new to cannabis. It’s 27 CBD : 1 THC ratio offers all of the healing benefits of whole plant medicine without the ‘high’ that concerns so many folx when they initially turn to cannabis for relief.

About Bird Valley Organics

Founded in 2018, Bird Valley Organics is a hügelkultur cannabis farm and distributor nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz County. Bird Valley Organics is passionate about protecting the health of our planet, our community, and our patients with their line of regeneratively grown whole plant full spectrum oils.


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