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Welcome to Bird Valley Organics, where we are dedicated regenerative farmers on a mission to heal our planet & enhance your wellbeing.

Our award-winning Full Spectrum Oils (FSO) are regeneratively grown with care. Our Hügelkultur farm nestled in the scenic hills of Santa Cruz County, California.


dedicated to cultivating wellness through regenerative farming practices & whole plant medicine

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As seen in Forbes: Read about Bird Valley Organics & our regenerative practices
Regenerative Farming In Cannabis/Hemp:The New Art Of A Lost Science
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Our line of whole plant full spectrum cannabis oil ​made from proprietary recipes are uniquely capable of addressing a wide range of ailments. Each on of our five full spectrum oils is designed to help you feel better.

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As a hügelkultur farm, our focus is first and foremost on farming our land with regenerative principles. We host workshops and tutorials for folx looking to adopt new practices for their farm or backyard garden. 

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The earth provides balanced medicine that works in harmony with our bodies' natural systems
to help us feel better. We believe when we take care of the land, the land takes care of us. 

That's why we farm regeneratively & make cannabis medicine with uncompromising care for you & for mother nature

Our regenerative farming practices meet the most rigorous standards for farming
& testing to ensure your cannabis medicine is safe & sustainable


Our award-winning cannabis oils are known for their uniquely effective healing benefits


I have shingles & it's incredibly painful. With High CBD, I was able to get off of Gabapentin & 500 mg of Tylenol every four hours. Within 3 days, I was off all medication and feeling better. As a bonus side effect, the anxiety I had been living with for so long was also gone.

- High CBD Patient

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"These have been the best FSOs I have found that work for me, as I still have to function and go to work. Getting back on my A game has been a priority. "These have been the best FSOs I have found that work for me, as I still have to function and go to work. Getting back on my A game has been a priority.

- BVO FSO Customer

Hello! I am a medical patient and received a compassion gift of your High CBD Cannabis Oil from my local Morro Bay dispensary. This product is so wonderful! I am in treatment presently for trauma and PTSD, my anxiety is through the roof and always a concern for me. Your product helps me tremendously.Thank you for your time and for your great service.

  -  High CBD Patient

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for creating your High CBD FSO, it has been very life changing for my uncle who is battling cancer and going through chemo. His cancer has stopped spreading since he started using this oil consistency. He lives far in Madera CA so we get it for him locally and I just wanted to say thank you. We just got some more today and he is so excited.

  -  High CBD Patient

As an organic homesteader myself, I must say that your company’s commitment to regenerative farming is most laudable. Knowing that my medicine, as well as my food, is free from pesticides provides peace of mind. Walking around 2 weeks after my last surgery at UCSF, totally opioid free thanks to FSO. My oncologists were impressed.

  -  High CBD, Body & Rest Relief Patient

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