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Dosing Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) from Bird Valley Organics

Understanding the correct dosage of Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) is crucial for achieving the desired therapeutic effects while minimizing potential side effects.

At Bird Valley Organics, we recommend starting with a dose equivalent to about 1/2 grain of uncooked rice, which averages around 10 mg.

It's essential to wait at least two hours before redosing to allow time for the effects to manifest fully.

Important Note: Before beginning any cannabis regimen, especially if you are on medication, consult with your physician to ensure it's safe for you.

Now, let's dive into the unique benefits of each Bird Valley FSO oil:

Anytime Relief:

  • Description: A hybrid cannabis product high in THCV for appetite suppression and daytime energy.

  • Benefits: Energizing, tremor relief, appetite suppression.

  • Ideal For: Daytime use without the munchies, boosting energy.

Rest Relief:

  • Description: Deep relaxation, ideal for restful sleep.

  • Benefits: Deep relaxation, pain relief, sleep aid.

  • Ideal For: Evening or nighttime use, aiding relaxation and sleep.

High CBD:

  • Description: CBD-rich product with minimal THC, suitable for pain relief without the psychoactive high.

  • Benefits: Pain relief, relaxation, anti-inflammatory.

  • Ideal For: New users, those seeking therapeutic benefits without getting high.

Body Relief:

  • Description: Muscle pain relief product, perfect for recovery.

  • Benefits: Muscle pain relief, recovery.

  • Ideal For: Athletes, localized pain relief, post-exercise recovery.

  • Description: Moderate THC product offering subtle psychoactivity and mood enhancement.

  • Benefits: Mood enhancement, locomotion, pain relief, subtle psychoactivity.

  • Ideal For: Light THC experience, mood elevation, enhancing movement.


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