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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

So many folx have beautiful, old eucalyptus trees in their yards. Here at the Bird Valley Organics regenerative hügelkultur farm, we have three towering eucalyptus trees of different varieties that deposit beautiful leaves on the hillside each year.

Eucalyptus provides a lot more than leaves to rake up, this incredible plant has so many healing benefits. With some easy do-it-yourself projects, you can enjoy the medicinal benefits of your eucalyptus tree (or a generous neighbor's!). Here are a few of our favorite ways to put this healing plant to work.


Eucalyptus is widely known to help with congestion and pain. However, you don't want to ingest eucalyptus directly. Instead, the best way to treat congestion and pain with eucalyptus is by inhaling the vapors of the plant's active components.

Making a steamer is very easy to do. First, you'll want to lay out 4-5 small branches of eucalyptus leaves and roll over them a few times with a bowl or rolling pin. Bundle the branches with a rubber band or twine two inches from one end. Hang your eucalyptus over your shower so that the branches sit close to the water but not directly under it.

As your shower heats up with steam, the vapors from the plant will release to ease your congestion and pain. You can also boil your eucalyptus leaves in water over the stove and breathe in the vapors for additional relief.

Eucalyptus Oil

For sore muscles, achy joints, and irritated skin, eucalyptus oil brings pain relief. To make eucalyptus infused oil, simply fill a glass jar with high-quality oil like olive oil or coconut oil and let it sit in the sun for a few weeks. When ready, the oil will smell like eucalyptus. Use the oil just like you would any other essential oil. You can even use it by adding a few drops to boiling water for the same relief you get when you boil the leaves and breathe the vapors directly.

Event decor

In recent years, brides have been using eucalyptus to bring an ethereal look to their weddings with the aromatic plant. Eucalyptus is beautiful in formal floral arrangements and to fill in space on tables. When you harvest eucalyptus from your own trees, you have homemade, sustainable decoration that looks beautiful and festive all year long.

Our eucalyptus trees are a beloved part of our regenerative farm, offering yet another locally sourced way to heal ourselves, our team, and our neighbors. We hope this guide helps you make use of your own eucalyptus! Feel better, flock!


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