we farm microbes,

microbes farm the earth

we cultivate healthy soil for

a healthy, balanced ecosystem

Hügelkultur is an ancient German farming technique focused on breathing life into the soil in order for the soil to breathe life into our vegetables, cannabis, herbs, and flowers.


Our hügel beds begin as 76 foot trenches we fill with layers of wooden logs, straw, and compost material. The layers are then covered with soil.

Over time, the layers decompose, providing nitrogen and other nutrients helping microbial life in the soil thrive.

When microbial life thrives, our plants thrive. 

Combined with our companion planting practices, hügelkultur helps ensure we never have to use pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. 

we practice hügelkultur

by farming with hügelkultur we:

how to build a hügelbed in 9 easy steps:

when you practice hügelkultur in your home garden, you help bring your community's soil back to life, reduce food waste, offset your carbon emissions, and protect your health. & it's easy to do!

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