Dosing Your Full-Spectrum Oil

Most of our full-spectrum oil customers eat the oil directly from the easy-to-use oral syringe. Let the oil dissolve under your tongue. You may also dab the oil, or add it to food & drinks (think coffee in the morning, adding the oil to a bite of cookie, etc.)

Start with a half-grain of uncooked rice sized dose. Each half-gram syringe contains about 30 doses of that size, and the package will tell you how many mg or in each dose. Wait up to 2 hours before re-dosing to gauge effects. You can email with additional usage/dosing questions!

High CBD Shot 1.jpg


“Got to try the Sativa CBD applicator from @birdvalleyorganics. Definitely helped me with my anxiety for my business quiz <3 i always get little fruity notes when taking a dab of it so it takes amazing! Also it gives you uplifting relaxed effects that last a good few hours :)”

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“The reason I can actually shut my mind and fall asleep. Your CBD/Indica oil is amazing. I wake up ready to face my day!”

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“Because it’s the best thing god gave to earth! Best medicine is full spectrum for sure.”

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