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Bird Valley Organics Partner Farm
Bird Valley Organics Partner Farm
Bird Valley Organics Partner Farm
Bird Valley Organics Partner Farm

It all started in 2018, when we sat down with our friends & neighbors at Coastal Sun Farms. As two small, growing cannabis brands, we saw many challenges ahead as California ushered in the recreational era for cannabis. The cost of hiring outside logistics made it difficult for us both to compete in the new market. We put our heads together & saw an opportunity to collaborate as neighbors to protect consumer access to high-quality, regeneratively grown cannabis. Together, we opened channels, partnered with dispensaries, and built brands to bring the best of California cannabis to Californians statewide, grown right here in Santa Cruz County.



Santa Cruz Canna Farms 

Santa Cruz Canna Farms stands for a new class of cannabis cultivation. Combining proven, state-of-the-art natural growing techniques with producing strains for our most discerning customers. 

Grown less than a half-mile from the ocean, surrounded by organic strawberry fields, our cannabis is loved for its superior freshness, terpenes, and potency. Santa Cruz Canna Farms produces some of the most consistent and clean, naturally grown cannabis in California.

Coastal Sun

Nestled in the Green Valley area of Watsonville, CA Coastal Sun's medical grade cannabis grows next to certified organic blueberries. Driven by a vision of sustainability and food sovereignty, Coastal Sun's cultivation style is based on the seven guiding principles of ecological farming.

On Coastal Sun's central farm in beautiful Santa Cruz County, California, we utilize two main styles of cultivation: Regenerative Soil Farming in the field gardens, and Bioponics (organically growing in containers) in our greenhouse and blueberry gardens. Both styles heavily focus on building a rich community of microbiology which optimizes nutrition uptake and leads to healthy, phytonutrient rich plants.

Bird Valley Organics

At our regenerative farm in South Santa Cruz County, we produce a line of healing whole plant full spectrum oils. As boutique distributors for farms in our community, we also distribute our full spectrum oils to dispensaries throughout the state of California. 

We're proud to offer regeneratively grown cannabis medicine at competitive prices to people looking to feel better. By preserving the terpene and cannabinoids profile of the cannabis we cultivate, we produce cannabis medicine offering more healing benefits than other cannabis oil products on the market. 

WAMM Phytotherapies

 WAMM Phytotherapies' purpose is to provide hope, well-being and community through education that promotes access to plant based and other alternative therapies, dedicated to sustain and enrich all those we serve and the planet that we share.

All WAMM Phytotherapies cannabis is sun-and-soil-grown—utilizing cutting-edge regenerative farming techniques—on our EnvirOganic certified, beyond-organic farm in Santa Cruz County. With decades of experience in Earth-friendly cannabis cultivation, WAMM continues to search out the finest strains available & supply them in their highest possible form at affordable prices.

Are you a buyer looking to carry a Bird Valley Family brand? Contact a sales representative here

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“Santa Cruz Canna Farms has a great reputation for producing superior products. We had several distributors to choose from to represent our brand. We chose Bird Valley Organics because of their dedication to selling only premium organic brands and building community with their partners. We couldn't imagine working with anyone else. It's a great fit. They care. It shows. End of story.”

-Steve Weisser
CEO, Santa Cruz Canna Farms

“Coastal Sun Farm uses Bird Valley exclusively for sales and distribution of our regenerative organic cannabis flower throughout the state of California. We're confident in their entire teams’ alignment with our vision and the ability to effectively communicate our story with retail partners. Exceptional work ethic, passion, and perseverance is evident within the entire organization.”

-Darren Story
CEO, Coastal Sun Farms

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Inventory Management

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Our team delivers to retailers statewide, giving you comprehensive access to the entire California market. We partner with Creme de Canna for manufacturing support.


We're well versed on METRC & cannabis regulations. We'll make sure you follow the necessary steps to stay in legal compliance with the state.

Account Management

Our sales & logistics team maintains close relationships with our retail accounts, giving you the best access to customers and service possible.

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